Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to our costumers: Fast Service, VIP Transport, Medical Transport, Secured Transport and International Transport.

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery of packages and documents, goods, packs, food products, advertising materials, letters, invoices, flowers, books, gifts, medicine and equipment.. Cheap and Quick shipping throughout the territory of Chisinau and all the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Secured Transport

Cash transport, money collection and processing, money collection and transport with armored or special vehicles, material liability, transport of values, transport of money, transport of precious cargoes with special vehicles, the only cash processing center in Moldova.

Medical Transport

Special services of the transport of medicine and medical equipment, dialysis, blood, consumables, dangerous chemicals, which are specially intended for the medical pharmaceutical industry.

VIP Transport

Transportation services for VIP-status personalities, celebrities, diplomats, official delegations, or for people who want greater comfort. There is a possibility to offer luxury cars, professional drivers, bodyguards as well as the perfect infrastructure.

International Transport

FAST SERVICE performs the following types of international freight: Express freight; Full loads (FTL); Groupage freight (LTL), min. 1 pallet or 1 m3 of shipped goods.